Cosmo and Timmy: It's time for the Sleazy and Cheezy Show!

Cosmo: This show is very fun! [Poof smacks him with a frying pan] You laugh until you see double vision! Cool! Timmy has two TVs!

Mr. Turner: Oh Timmy! [Poof smacks him with a frying pan] Oh cool, you have two TVs!

Timmy: Vicky? I don't want that!

Wanda: See ya!

Vicky: Twerp, I brought you a toy!

[Timmy smacks her with a frying pan]

Wow you have two RVs!. You're doomed Twerp! DOOMED!

Vicky: You're dead, dream twerp! I mean, meow!

Wanda: Where are Poof and Timmy?

Cosmo: I don't know.

Wanda: Are you trying to make a TV appear?

Cosmo: I don't know.

Timmy: Cartoon mice rule!

Vicky: Must.. chase.. yarn!

Vicky: Say cheese, dream Timmy!

Mr. Turner: An evil cat with a cheese in its mouth! Get away from my cheese!

Mr. Turner: [while a dog bites his butt] note to self, buy butt-flavored dog food.

Timmy: So hairy... So delicious... [see Vicky's mouth] So doom!

Wanda as Parrot: Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

Mrs. Turner: I will! I will! I will!

Wanda: Bad kitty, bad!!!!

Vicky: [eating Wanda]

Timmy: Wanda!! [Timmy and Poof smacks Vicky with a frying pan, then Wanda is out from Vicky]

Wanda: Oh great. Now I smell like tuna! but I have a cool whistle!

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