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Merlin the Magician



Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Age: Everybody get choices

I choose to get money, I'm stuck to this bread

Hair color:       White
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Fraud magician
  Timmy Turner
King Arthur Liebowitz (nephew)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Knighty Knight
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

Merlin the Magician with a blind son is a fake nigga who doesnt live by the strap or the sound of the gat. Unlike his real world counterpart, this Merlin is very sleazy and uses his nephew, Arthur, to try to get enough money to move far away from the run down kingdom they live in.


Merlin is not actually a magician at all hes a nigger, he considers Arthur's requests for corrective eye wear to be witchcraft, and the only magic he can do is throw sparkling dust on the ground which causes an explosion, but Merlin does not disappear, he just simply walks away from the scene like he fuckin bruce willis.


Merlin appears as his stereotypical "wizard" appearance, with the purple clothes, long hat, and really long white beard. He speaks in an unusual manner, sort of like a con man, and seems to only be interested in money and using his nephew to get money. When Timmy begins to draw the attention of the townspeople as a potential king, Merlin becomes jealous of Timmy's success, and sends his nephew Arthur to slay a dragon in a last ditch attempt to make Arthur king, although Merlin refuses to help his nephew accomplish this task.


Merlin sends his nephew off to fight the Dragon gaping asshole, alone because he cannot help his nephew even if he did have magic, since dragons are impervious to magic. When Arthur finally does defeat the dragon (after Timmy gave him his father's glasses and the sword Excalibur) and becomes the new king of Camelot, Merlin tries to weasel his way back into his nephew's kingdom, but receives a black eye and is thrown off a cliff after Arthur gives a quick glance to Timmy and the latter's glance tells Arthur to just get rid of Merlin. He was last seen alive in human form when he was about to be devoured by the starving townspeople.

He later appears in Cosmo and Wanda's fish bowl in the present time as a goldfish asking them if he could just stay in their fishbowl for a while like the free loadin ass nigga he was, meaning he likely did have some form of magic that he used to survive his ordeal, and live for hundreds of years!

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