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Maureen Mascarina
Personal Information
Occupation Storyboard Artist
Years active 2002-2005

Maureen Mascarina was a storyboard artist/storyboard co-artist for 15 episodes. Her first episode was "Parent Hoods". Her first solo episode as storyboard artist was "Love at First Height". Her last episode was "Fairy Idol".


Episode Position
Parent Hoods Storyboard Co-Artist
Baby Face Storyboard Co-Artist
Pixies Inc. Storyboard Co-Artist
Emotion Commotion! Storyboard Co-Artist
Just the Two of Us! Storyboard Co-Artist
Who's Your Daddy? Storyboard Co-Artist
Wish Fixers Storyboard Co-Artist
School's Out!: The Musical Storyboard Co-Artist
Love at First Height Storyboard Artist
Five Days of F.L.A.R.G. Storyboard Artist
Teeth For Two Storyboard Artist
Talkin' Trash Storyboard Co-Artist
The Big Bash Storyboard Co-Artist
What's The Difference? Storyboard Artist
Fairy Idol Storyboard Co-Artist

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