• Mark Chang is one of several characters, along with Jorgen Von Strangle, to have gone from a (minor) villain to a friend and ally of Timmy Turner. This is because Mark, after being defeated by Timmy, assumes he is one of Earth's mightiest warriors.
  • He was supposed to have a dark and scary voice as a space alien, but after Rob Paulsen gave him a surfer dude voice instead, the producers of the show loved the contrast so much that they stuck with it.
  • It is more than a year that Mark visits the land as in "King Chang", he celebrated its first anniversary on Earth.
  • Though Yugopotamians find beautiful things to be hideous and vice versa, he is shown to be attracted to Trixie Tang.
  • Mark Chang appears at least once in all seasons of The Fairly OddParents, except for the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.
Mark Chang