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Titlecard-Spaced Out Spaced Out
Titlecard-Totally Spaced Out Totally Spaced Out
Titlecard-Scary Godparents Scary Godparents
Titlecard-So Totally Spaced Out So Totally Spaced Out
Titlecard-New Squid In Town New Squid In Town!
Titlecard-Just the Two of Us Just the Two of Us!
Titlecard-Just Desserts Just Desserts!
Titlecard-Five Days of FLARG Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.
Titlecard-Escape From Unwish Island Escape From Unwish Island
Titlecard-Whats The Difference What's The Difference?
Titlecard-Future Lost Future Lost
Titlecard-King Chang King Chang
Titlecard-Sooper Poof Sooper Poof
Titlecard-Wishology Wishology!
Titlecard-Planet Poof Planet Poof
Titlecard-Take and Fake Take and Fake
Titlecard-Timmys Secret Wish Timmy's Secret Wish!
Titlecard-Invasion of the Dads Invasion of the Dads
Titlecard Force of Nature Force of Nature
TitleCadrHD MarkedMan Marked Man


Titlecard-Deja Vu Deja Vu
Titlecard-The Masked Magician The Masked Magician
Mentioned by Vicky.
Titlecard-One Man Banned One Man Banned
Titlecard-Fairly OddPet Fairly OddPet
The actual Mark Chang in his alien form doesn't appear in this episode, but Vicky said she got in a fight with her boyfriend, Justin Jake Ashton, and a picture of him is seen. Although, Justin Jake Ashton is really Mark Chang in his human disguise.
Titlecard-Dinklescouts Dinklescouts
Mark briefly appears in his space ship.

Video games

Mark Chang

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