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  • In Big Wanda, she and Big Daddy (Wanda's father) agreed they did not like who their children were married to, but they liked each other.
  • In Presto Change-O, Mama Cosma had the 9 hour flu. She was so ill that she forgot that she hates Wanda and she treated Wanda nicely and treated Cosmo badly.
  • It seems that Wanda and Mama Cosma have had a truce since Poof was born, as Wanda always calls her whenever Poof needs a babysitter. Since then, she appeared less frequently.
  • She is similar to Marissa Benson from iCarly.
  • It was revealed in Apartnership! that she hates any woman (particularly Wanda) that marries Cosmo.
  • Both Mama Cosma and Big Daddy didn't go to the wedding of Cosmo and Wanda.
  • Cosma in Central and Eastern Europe is the genitive case of Cosmo, so Mama Cosma can be translated as Cosmo's Mother. 
  • Mama Cosma's hairdo is most likely inspired in Marge Simpson from The Simpsons, which Butch Hartman himself is a fan of that show.

Mama Cosma

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