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It's fun in the Sun, with some of the best Summer episodes of the OddParents, such as "Microphony", "School's Out!: The Musical", "Beach Bummed!" or a "A Fairly Odd Summer".

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Dream Goat! is the eleventh episode of Season 1. During a trip to the local City Hall, Vicky and Timmy meet the Mayor of Dimmsdale as well as Dimmsdale's city mascot, Chompy the Goat. After seeing how miserable Chompy looks trapped inside his pen, Timmy wishes him free, and he is poofed away by Cosmo and Wanda's magic. But when Vicky is spotted near Chompy's now empty cage, she is accused of kidnapping Chompy and is arrested. While Timmy is portrayed as the town hero, he feels guilty and soon begins to have problems getting to sleep due to nightmares. Due to his lack of sleep, Timmy begins to doze off in class and make disastrous wishes while talking in his sleep that Cosmo and Wanda must grant. As is errant wishing is now putting the town in danger, Timmy must fess up to the people of Dimmsdale that he is the real culprit that freed Chompy, not Vicky, more so after he drifts off to sleep and wishes specifically for a giant city destroying monster that won't go away until Timmy confesses he is a fraud.
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