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  • Vicky falls in love with sixteen year old Timmy in this episode.
    • Aside from being taller and more muscular with longer hair and facial hair, 16-year-old Timmy looks basically identical to 10-year-old Timmy.
  • If you watch Vicky for a moment when she appears at the end of the house of mirrors scene running off screen, she can be seen in the mirror with a buff body like Gah/Timmy's.
  • Like Nega-Timmy, Kung Timmy and Which Witch is Which?, this episode never aired for a long time, despite airing on YTV and Nicktoons over and over again.
  • Adrenalland has apparently been repaired since it was destroyed at the end of "That Old Black Magic".
  • Contrary to the park's kids' statement that pancreas is not a vital organ, it in fact is one of the most important ones: its malfunction leads to diabetes.
  • Netflix considers this episode and Nega Timmy part of Season 4.


  • Love at First Height - The title is a pun of the quote, "Love At First Sight".
  • The Incredible Hulk - When Mr. Turner sleep-drives, he pass by a purple look-alike version of Hulk. This also refrences The infragable Klunk, because of his color


  • When Mr. Turner lands his car in Adrenaland, it is parked in the center of the amusement park. At the end of the episode, the car is parked in the parking lot.
  • Cosmo and Wanda turn Timmy into sixteen year old Gah in the middle of the park earlier with no problem, but when he wants to be wished back, Cosmo and Wanda cannot use their magic because they are in public. However, this is probably because no one was paying attention to Timmy earlier, but when he was Gah, people were following him around like a supermodel since they thought he was one.
  • Timmy was able to wish away his Gah-look when Vicky fell in love with him.

Running Gags

  • Characters saying "that's the password" and dropping somebody down a trapdoor.
  • When Gah says "help", Vicky thinks that it means "I love you" in Norwegian.
  • Gah signing things for fans.
  • Gah making good looks at the paparazzi.

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