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Foop: What have I done?
Goldie Goldenglow: What have you done, Floot?
Foop: It's Foop, You triangular twit! One "F", two "Os", one" P"! It's not that difficult!

Foop: Break a leg, Poof, or neck, or SPINE!

Cosmo: (wearing dark sunglasses) Ahh, the theater... this is the theater, right? Last time I was sitting under the table so unsure.

Timmy: (after a tooth falls on him) This is the best play ever!

Dad: (To Foop) Hey, neat. Great notepad costume. Get's ready to me to write on your face!

Cosmo: "WHERE'S MY COFFEE?!?!?!"

Cosmo: ... This is show business, yesterday, you're a star, and now you're married to a girl that even coffee no can bring. Where's my coffee, baby!

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