Timmy: Cosmo! I wish all the girls were back.
Cosmo: You got it! [pause] What's a girl?
Timmy: Well, they're soft, and cuddly!
[Cosmo 'poofs' a big pink cushion into the room.]
Timmy: No, they're warm and they make you feel nice.
[Cosmo 'poofs' a monster truck into the room.]
Cosmo: [To monster truck] Yay! I'm gonna call you Wanda.

One of Cupids' Cherubs: We're losing all love power, I'm transferring the emergency backup power to your coffee machine.

[All the girls are laughing at Timmy]
Girl: Who'd want to be his Valentine?
Girls: [laugh]
Tootie: I would! I think he's dreamy!

Tootie: [peeling off flower petals] He loves me not, he loves me not...[disappears]
Trixie Tang: [peeling off petals] I love him not, I love him not, I love him not, I love him not, I love him...NOT. [disappears]

Mr. Turner: In my heart, I feel something missing. [looks at mud that's shaped as his wife] Like chainsaws!

Timmy: Missing? What could be missing from a world full of steaks, facial hair, and sports?

Timmy: Where the heck are Cosmo and Wanda? [sees them fighting]
Wanda: Whoever you are, you're going down!
Cosmo: Whoever I am, no I'm not!

Wanda: Cosmo!
Cosmo: That's right, I'm Cosmo, Wanda!!! [grabs her] Wanda!!! [Cosmo throws Wanda to the ground]
Wanda: Hey!
Cosmo: What! It's a wrestling move.

Trixie: You're rejecting me?! Oh my gosh, I am so into you now! I'm gonna leave 1,000 messages on your answering machine!

Timmy: Tootie, I'm totally gonna kick myself for this tomorrow, but... [jabs the love arrow into his rump] Tootie, will you be my Valentine?
Tootie: Yes! Yes! YES!
Timmy: Ah well. [Tootie starts kissing him]
Cosmo: Aww, that's adorable! [Tootie's kissing noises get longer] ...That's getting awkward. [the kissing noises get even longer] ...And now it's just plain creepy.
Wanda: Oh, shut up and kiss me, will ya?

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