Lizard Monster
The Lizard Monster.
Species: Lizard, Reptile Monster (formerly)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Nectar of the Odds
Latest Appearance:
  Nectar of The Odds

The Lizard Monster is a monster who only appeared in Nectar of the Odds.


He is a monster created by Mr. Turner when he drank Timmy's magic lemonade.


He looked similar to a dinosaur until he turned into a tiny lizard. He is color red and has horns.


When Mr. Turner drank it, he wished that he didn't have to go to work so he could enjoy more lemonade. The wish then created the Lizard Monster which then proceeded to destroy Mr. Turner's place of business and the rest of Dimmsdale. Later when Timmy wished that everything would go back to normal, the monster turned into a tiny lizard.


  • A monster similar to him but is dark green appeared in Poltergeeks.
Lizard Monster

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