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This is a list of a songs. Some episodes of The Fairly OddParents feature a musical number, usually sung by one of the characters.

Season 1

The Fairly OddParents Opening The Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song
Christmas Every Day I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day · I Wished Every Day Could Be Christmas

Season 2

Boys in the Band Icky Vicky
The Switch Glitch La Cucaracha
Scary Godparents Real and Scary

Season 3

Shiny Teeth My Shiny Teeth and Me
Chip Off The Old Chip Find Your Voice
Microphony Vicky Free Summer
Love Struck! What Girls Love · It's Great To Be A Guy
Engine Blocked You and Me and the Striker Z!
Abra-Catastrophe! Wish Comes True · The Fairly Odd Primates Theme Song

Season 4

Baby Face Fun Box
Channel Chasers If I Lived In TV (deleted scene) · Kooky Spooky
Shelf Life Jason and the Pussycats
Vicky Loses Her Icky She's Nice
School's Out!: The Musical Kids Just Being Kids · Get Flappy · Adults Ruin Everything · Da Pixie Rap · Ten and in Charge
Pull Back the Fairies · Where Is The Fun? · Floating With You · Unfundamentals · The Reprise Remix · Kids Just Being Kids (reprise)

Season 5

Timmy TV Timmy TV (song)
The Good Old Days! Icky Vicky (1930s song) · Captain Green and the Eco-Teens Theme Song
Fairy Idol Gimme the Wand · Somewhere Over the Rainbow · Theme Song (by William Hung) · I Can't Live Without Love · I'm Too Sexy For My Sexy · My Shiny Teeth and Me (by Tooth Fairy) · Not Pixies · I'm Sanderson · Emotions

Season 6

Merry Wishmas Not on the List
Birthday Bashed Happy Birthday Timmy
Momnipresent Hula-Hoo (Man-in-skirt version)
Wishology Get Timmy Turner

Season 7

Squirrely Puffs

Squirrel Scout Credo · Cream Puff Credo

The Boss Of Me

Pencil Nexus Song

Farm Pit

Magical Land of Cleve Song

Season 8

Love Triangle

Mr. Cookie's Song

Timmy's Secret Wish!

The Fairly OddParents Theme Song (sung by Jorgen) · A Million Wishes

A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

Lookin' Like Magic

A Fairly Odd Christmas

I Wish Every Day Could Be Christmas (intrumental) · Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town · Wishful Thinking

Season 9

Finding Emo


A Fairly Odd Summer

Vacation· Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

Season 10

All episodes from The Big Fairy Share Scare to Goldi-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears

Chloe's Theme Song

The Fair Bears

The Fair Bears Theme Song

Marked Man

Chloe's Wrong Song

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