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Main characters

These characters have all had a major role in the story of the show. Most, if not all of them, have appeared in the majority of series.

Picture Name Description
Timmy Turner Timmy Turner is the main character of the show. As the title song states, he is "an average boy that no one understands" and that his neglectful parents leave him under the care of an evil babysitter named Vicky. However, one day a pair of magical wish granting fairies named Cosmo and Wanda came to him to cheer him up, and so began his many adventures.
First Appearance: The Fairly OddParents!
Cosmo Cosmo is one of Timmy's two fairy godparents. Along with his spouse, Wanda, he watches over Timmy and grants him wishes. He is quite dumb however, and often gives the wrong advice to Timmy when suggesting what to wish for.
First Appearance: The Fairly OddParents!
Wanda Wanda is Timmy's other fairy godparent, and one of the most important characters on the show. She watches over Timmy, and oftentimes Cosmo as well, preventing them from getting into danger and hurting themselves. She is sometimes called a nag for this, but in times of need Timmy values her advice above all else.
First Appearance: The Fairly OddParents!
Poof Poof is the fairy baby of Cosmo and Wanda, whom they had together when Timmy wished for them to have one. Cosmo was the one to give birth to Poof. Even though he is just a baby, his magic is powerful yet uncontrolled, which is why the Anti-Fairies and Pixies wanted to capture Poof for their own purposes. Although he can only say his name, Poof is still quite the charmer, and everyone seems to love him except for biggest rival: Foop.
First Appearance: Fairly OddBaby
Sparky Sparky is a mischievous fairy dog, who was adopted by Timmy, because Timmy realized that everyone in Dimmsdale had a pet, except him.
First Appearance: Fairly OddPet

Latest Appearance: Man's Worst Friend

Chloe carmichael character list
Chloe Carmichael Chloe Carmichael is a new neighbor of Timmy that he eventually has to share his fairies with. This is due to a shortage of fairies available to be Fairy God Parents at Fairy World. Seen as a polar opposite of Timmy, she is very talented and has a go getter attitude, often getting excited at the prospect of helping people or doing productive work. She often gets ahead of herself and may cause more harm than good, or push people away with her high energy attitude.
First Appearance: The Big Fairy Share Scare
Mrs. Turner Mrs. Turner, oftentimes called Timmy's mom or simply "Mom", is the often neglectful mother of Timmy Turner. Though she cares about her son a lot, sometimes almost too much, she is too dimwitted to see through Vicky's lying and leaves her son in the evil babysitter's care so she can go off to do adult things.
First Appearance: The Fairly OddParents!
Mr. Turner Mr. Turner is Timmy Turner's father, and like his wife his first name is not known, he is usually called Timmy's dad or simply "Dad". He is not too bright, and works at a pencil factory. His workplace is shown in "The Boss of Me".
First Appearance: The Fairly OddParents!
Vicky the Babysitter Vicky is an evil babysitter who lies to parents by pretending to be nice, while bullying and tormenting their children while they are gone. She has a tendency to use made up blackmail to force "twerps" like Timmy into doing her chores. In a bad future caused by an irresponsible wish by Timmy, Vicky becomes the iron-fisted ruler of the world, but after the future was returned to normal, grown up Vicky instead is the iron-fisted ruler of toddlers at her own day care center.
First Appearance: The Fairly OddParents!

Latest Appearance: Birthday Battle (cameo)

Mr. Crocker Mr. Crocker, full name Denzel Quincy Crocker, is Timmy's fifth grade teacher who is obsessed proving that fairy godparents exist. He is well aware that Timmy has godparents, but has yet to find a way to prove it to his peers, who consider him nothing short of crazy. When he says "Fairy Godparents", he goes crazy.
First Appearance: TransParents

Other major characters

These characters play a major role in the story, oftentimes having more than one or two episodes that focus entirely on them, but are not always guaranteed to appear.

Picture Name Description
Jorgen Von Strangle Jorgen Von Strangle is the self-proclaimed toughest fairy in the universe, and the enforcer of Da Rules. Whenever Timmy messes something up, he and his fairies usually feel his wrath when he poofs in to stop them, usually in the form of a violent explosion. Although he has shown dislike and frustration toward Cosmo and Wanda, he once admitted that they were his closest friends... since he punches everyone else away.
First Appearance: The Temp!
Tootie Tootie is Vicky's little sister who has a huge crush on Timmy. Although he normally avoids her and dislikes her overly affection behavior, he has been shown to care for her since she too suffers from Vicky's cruelty. In the future Tootie becomes a very beautiful woman; she and Timmy fall in love in adulthood and she eventually gives birth to their children, Tammy and Tommy.
First Appearance: The Fairy Flu!

Latest Appearance: Lights Out

Chester McBadbat Chester is a kid at Timmy Turner's school who is considered one of his best friends. He is the son of a disgrace baseball player, and lives with his father in a trailer park. In the future, Chester remains friends with A.J. and becomes a security guard.
First Appearance: The Big Problem!
A.J. A.J. is one of Timmy Turner's two best friends. He is a super genius that excels at his schoolwork, and he secretly keeps a lab inside his bedroom. He and Chester remain friends well into the future.
First Appearance: The Big Problem!
Trixie Tang Trixie Tang is the prettiest and most popular girl at Timmy's school, and he wants to win her heart. However, Trixie is usually too concerned with her popular image to give a "loser" like Timmy a chance, and even with fairies his attempts to win her over usually always result in failure, although his heroics do occasionally impress her enough to earn a kiss, or at the very least her remembering his name correctly.
First Appearance: A Wish Too Far!

Latest Appearance: Birthday Battle (cameo)

The Crimson Chin The Crimson Chin is a comic book hero from a series of comic books that Timmy Turner collects. He can fly, has a number of "chintastic" powers, and shouts weird catch phrases when charging into battle.
First Appearance: Super Humor

Latest Appearance: Timmy's Secret Wish!

Francis Francis is the school bully, and one of Timmy Turner's daily enemies that he must face. A gray skinned twelve year old thug that is too old to even be in Timmy's class, but was apparently held back because he is not too bright. He is shown to secretly be a fan of Britney Britney.
First Appearance: The Big Problem!

Latest Appearance: Dad Overboard

Mark Chang Mark Chang is an alien prince from the planet Yugopotamia. Mark and his species hate everything that humans love and vice versa, so Mark considers garbage to be a delicacy, candy to be poisonous, and the vile babysitter Vicky to be the love of his life. Mark's parents want him to marry the beautiful (but ugly to Mark) Princess Mandie instead though, so he flees Yugopotamia and resides on Earth for a while until she is defeated.
First Appearance: Spaced Out
Chip Skylark Chip Skylark is a singing sensation from Dimmsdale who has performed a number of songs on the show. He is based after his voice actor, Chris Kirkpatrick, and is a parody of boy band singers.
First Appearance: Boys in the Band

Latest Appearance: Turner & Pooch

Anti-Cosmo Anti-Cosmo is the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Cosmo. As Anti-Fairies are opposite of their original in every way, Anti-Cosmo is an evil super genius since Cosmo is a nice idiot.
First Appearance: That Old Black Magic

Latest Appearance: Balance of Flour

Anti-Wanda Anti-Wanda is Wanda's Anti-Fairy counterpart, who is opposite of her in every way. She is really stupid, mean, and eats with her feet.
First Appearance: That Old Black Magic

Latest Appearance: Balance of Flour

Foop Foop is Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda's son, and thus the "Anti-Poof". He is extremely jealous of Poof for being born before he was and thus getting all the attention of being the first fairy baby born in eons.
First Appearance: Anti-Poof
Mama Cosma Cosmo's overbearing and protective mother, who lives in Fairy World. She once sent Cosmo to the store to get some milk, and he never came back, having ran off to marry Wanda. Because of this, Mama Cosma hates Wanda and will do anything to get rid of her.
First Appearance: Apartnership!

Latest Appearance: Odd Squad

Fairly odd cupid
Cupid A fairy who is in charge of all things love related. He carries a bow and arrow which can be used to make anyone fall in love with the first thing they see. Cupid is powered by love, and if men and women on Earth were to stop loving each other, he will shrivel up and die.
First Appearance: Apartnership!
Remy Buxaplenty Remy Buxaplenty is an extremely rich, snobby young boy that is one of Timmy Turner's enemies. Despite his extreme wealth, he still manages to get a fairy because his parents neglect him even worse than Timmy's. He is jealous of Timmy because Remy only has one fairy, Juandissimo, while Timmy has two godparents.
First Appearance: Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

Latest Appearance: Country Clubbed

Juandissimo Juandissimo is Remy Buxaplenty's fairy godfather, and Wanda's ex-boyfriend. He speaks with a Spanish accent and is always showing off his muscles. After he was defeated by Timmy and forced to give up his fairy, Remy was allowed to keep Juandissimo as long as he eats his horrible cooking.
First Appearance: Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Doug Dimmadome Doug Dimmadome is a stereotypical Texas business man with a ten gallon hat that is so tall the top is almost always off screen. He always introduces himself as the owner of the Dimmadome and a whole lot of other venues around Dimmsdale that carry his name. Doug himself doesn't even know whether he is a villain or good guy on this show, as he has both helped and hindered Timmy Turner in the past.
First Appearance: Nectar of the Odds
Santa Claus Santa Claus has appeared a number of different times, almost each and every time with a completely different interpretation of his character. In his first appearance, he came to reclaim Jeff the Elf from Timmy, and he had an oddly nice aura around him: almost too nice it seem, as Jeff begged Timmy to let him stay while the other elves seemed mindlessly under Santa's control. In his next appearance, Santa Claus is like a skinny businessman all of the time until Christmas gives him "power" and turns him into the iconic fat Santa Claus, which is how he usually appears throughout the series from then on regardless of whether its Christmas or not.
First Appearance: The Temp!

Latest Appearance: A Fairly Odd Christmas

Head Pixie Head Pixie is the leader of a race of dull and boring magic granters called Pixies. H.P. wants to take over Fairy World and Earth, making everything as boring and corporate as possible.
First Appearance: Pixies Inc.

Latest Appearance: The Fairly Oddlympics

Sanderson al cel
Sanderson Sanderson is the Head Pixie's assistant. It seems like every member of the Pixie race except H.P. looks exactly like Sanderson does, and is named the same name as well. Their voices, and H.P.'s, are all exactly the same as they are all voiced by Ben Stein.
First Appearance: Pixies Inc.

Latest Appearance: The Fairly Oddlympics

Norm the Genie Norm the Genie is a trickster who above all else wants to be freed from his genie lava lamp that he has been trapped in for years. Although Norm is able to grant rule-free wishes, they usually come with a catch that almost always results in the wisher getting harmed.
First Appearance: Genie Meanie Minie Mo

Last Appearance: Fairy Idol

Princess Mandie Princess Mandie is an alien princess from the planet Boudacia that was to be married to Mark Chang, but he fled the planet because he found Mandie's beautiful appearance to be disgusting to him, not to mention that she seemed quite homicidal. Mark's suspicions about her turned out to be correct, for when he finally did marry her, she immediately cast him aside and took over the planet, setting her sights on Earth next. She was eventually stopped by the one female in the universe more terrible than her: Vicky.
First Appearance: New Squid In Town!

Latest Appearance: King Chang

Catman Catman is the superhero alter-ego of Adam West. In most cases, Catman seems like a very lame an incompetent villain, coming around to hang out with Timmy and usually getting them both in trouble with his "heroic acts", forcing Timmy and his fairies to become lawyers to defend Catman in court. Surprisingly, when Catman was wished into the Crimson Chin-verse, he was a better superhero for a while than Crimson Chin was.
First Appearance: Miss Dimmsdale
Dark Laser Dark Laser was a toy that was brought to life by Timmy Turner's magic copier machine that Cosmo and Wanda left him one day. Timmy unwisely used the "life-size" option the copier, turning the small toy into an adult-sized villain that came to life and used the copier machine to create an army of minions to terrorize Dimmsdale with. Although Dark Laser was stopped, and presumably unwished, by Timmy Turner, he reappeared on Unwish Island with other villains that Timmy has vanquished over the years. After the birth of Poof, Dark Laser reappeared again as a recurring villain, threatening the Earth from space in his Death Ball. Dark Laser has an obsession with Flipsie, a simple flipping toy dog, and considers Flipsie to be an actual living being and his right hand man.
First Appearance: Hard Copy

Supporting characters

These are recurring characters that have appeared in more than one episode, but rarely do they ever have any major effect on the plot, and typically serve as background/group shot fodder.

Picture Name Description
Sheldon Dinkleberg
First Appearance: Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad
Sanjay Sanjay is a nerdy boy at Timmy Turner's school who enjoys school work unlike his classmates. He also has a creepy liking toward Timmy, going as far as to consider him his "knight in shining white armor".
First Appearance: Hail To The Chief
Elmer Elmer is a boy at Timmy's school who is so unpopular that even Timmy and his friends don't want to sit with him. He appears as part of Timmy's group of friends in most episodes though, and is considered one of Timmy's "back up friends" along with Sanjay. He is named after show creator Elmer "Butch" Hartman, and the boil on his face is named Bob, after art director Bob Boyle.
First Appearance: A Wish Too Far!

Latest Appearance: App Trap

Veronica Veronica is Trixie Tang's best friend, and a girl who is described as "pretty and popular but less so than Trixie". She has a secret crush on Timmy Turner, but will never admit it to anyone, and she literally wants to become Trixie because Timmy is in love with her and not Veronica. After Poof's birth, she has all but disappeared from the series and her romantic angle with Timmy was never touched upon again.
First Appearance: A Wish Too Far!

Last Appearance: Stupid Cupid

Tad and Chad Tad and Chad are two similar looking boys at Timmy Turner's school. They are richer, more popular, and a lot more snobbier than any of the other children, including Trixie and Veronica who are members of their group. Tad is blonde and Chad is dark haired. They mainly appear to make fun of Timmy or his friends during humiliating moments.
First Appearance: A Wish Too Far!

Latest Appearance: The End of the Universe-ity

Crash Nebula
Crash Nebula Crash Nebula is a comic/cartoon hero of Timmy Turner's. He is often seen battling space aliens, saving planets, and other science fiction related plots. The pilot episode to a possible spin off called "Crash Nebula" was shown as a part of The Fairly OddParents, but the series was never picked up by Nickelodeon.
First Appearance: Spaced Out

Latest Appearance: Meet the OddParents

Nega Chin The Crimson Chin's evil twin from a parallel universe. Unlike most other villains, the Nega Chin was smart enough to realize that it was Timmy's fairies that was causing him problems, and managed to capture them for his own evil purposes, but Timmy and his friends were able to put a stop to him. He was last seen confronting the Crimson Chin Author in real life over making him lose all the time.
First Appearance: The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad

Last Appearance Timmy's Secret Wish!

Bronze Kneecap Once called Ron Handbone, a famous Jai Lai player who always ended up in 3rd place Bronze, until one day the Crimson Chin participated in a celebrity competition against him. During the match Ron seemed to have the upper hand until the Chin accidentally tripped him causing him to break his knee which caused him to lose, and once again earn him the 3rd place bronze trophy. To get revenge on the Chin, Ron melted all his bronze trophies into a bronze suit and became an enemy of the Chin's.
First Appearance: Chin Up

Latest Appearance: Chindred Spirits

H2Olga H2Olga is a woman who is an enemy of the Crimson Chin. She speaks with a Russian accent and seems to made entirely out of water.
First Appearance: Crime Wave

Latest Appearance: Chindred Spirits

Tooth Fairy The Tooth Fairy is the wife of Jorgen Von Strangle, who is in charge of all teeth-related wishes. According to her, Chip Skylark's teeth are her proudest work.
First Appearance: The Zappys!
The Mayor of Dimmsdale The Mayor of Dimmsdale is a short, balding man who was elected mayor-for-life because the people in Dimmsdale were too dumb to read the ballots before voting. He is good friends with Chompy the Goat.
First Appearance: Dream Goat!
Chompy the Goat Chompy is a goat who is the mascot of the city of Dimmsdale. He was originally kept in captivity inside Dimmsdale City Hall, but after Timmy freed him, he returned and was allowed to come and go as he pleases.
First Appearance: Dream Goat!
Chet Ubetcha Chet Ubetcha is a news reporter from the Dimmsdale local news station that frequently seen making news broadcasts about the disastrous wishes Timmy is causing. He always tells the viewer his name when he begins his news cast.
First Appearance: Dream Goat!
Dr. Bender Dr. Bender is the local dentist in the town of Dimmsdale. He has perfect teeth, and loves to make fun of patients of his that don't.
First Appearance: The Same Game

Latest Appearance Teeth for Two

The April Fool The April Fool is a fairy who is the "embodiment of comedy". He is the ultimate prankster, although he tends to go to far as once he gets going he does not know when to stop. His catchphrase is "Whats up with that?". He is a parody of Jerry Seinfeld.
First Appearance: Christmas Everyday!

Latest Appearance: The Fairly Oddlympics

The Bouncer This big fellow acts as a bouncer and security guard for the popular kids at Timmy's school, and he is often the one to send Timmy flying into the trash when Trixie rejects him. He never finished college and works for ten year olds, which is why he is so mean.
First Appearance: A Wish Too Far!

Last Appearance Mr. Right!

Principal Waxelplax The Principal of Dimmsdale Elementary School, she is often more concerned about whats for dessert rather than the well being of her students. In her youth, she dated Mr. Crocker, but dumped him when she learned about his crackpot theories on the existence of fairies.
First Appearance: TransParents
Mr. Bickles Mr. Bickles is the art teacher at Dimmsdale Elementary School. He often proclaims that his dream has been ruined whenever one of his students messes up something in his class or one of his school plays.
First Appearance: Chip Off The Old Chip

Latest Appearance Stage Fright

Mr. Birkenbake Mr. Birkenbake is a hippie-like teacher at Dimmsdale Elementary School that loves a substance called "smoof". He is in charge of the school's news paper. He was the principal of Dimmsdale Elementary School before Waxelplax took over. He also had Norm's genie lava lamp in his possession for a short time before it was found by Timmy Turner.
First Appearance: The Big Scoop!

Latest Appearance: What's the Difference? (cameo)

Musical 31
Happy Peppy Gary and Betty Happy Peppy Gary and Happy Peppy Betty are two singing and rhyming workers at Flappy Bob's Camp Learn-A-Torium, a facility where parents drop off their kids when they cannot get a babysitter. Betty and Gary are so annoying that Timmy goes through great lengths to get Vicky back rather than spend a moment with them. After Flappy Bob disowned the Learn-A-Torium, Gary and Betty have not been seen in the series since.
First Appearance: Totally Spaced Out

last Appearance: School's Out!: The Musical

Binky Abdul Binky is a tiny fairy that is often the subject of abuse by Jorgen Von Strangle. He was also one of the judges during Fairy Idol, where it was revealed his last name is Abdul, a reference to Paula Abdul.
First Appearance: Cosmo Con

Latest Appearance: Wishology!

Dolores-Day Crocker Dolores-Day is Mr. Crocker's elderly mother. She was once very tall in her youth, but as she grew old she became very short. She is always complaining about her son wasting her life with his obsession with fairies.
First Appearance: Information Stupor Highway
Bucky McBadbat Chester McBadbat's father, who was once a baseball player who was regarded as "the worst ever", and was so infamously bad that he is always seen wearing a brown paper bag over his head and rarely appears in public. Bucky does not have much money, and lives in a trailer park where vandals frequently destroy his mailbox.
First Appearance: Foul Balled

Latest Appearance: Dadbra-Cadabra

AJs Dad
A.J.'s Dad A.J.'s father who is also a super genius just like his son, although he tends to be a little dimwitted like the other parents too. He seems a little overprotective of his son, as he puts a child lock on his television that prevents A.J. from watching anything non-educational.
First Appearance: Sleepover and Over

Latest Appearance: Birthday Battle (cameo)

Mr. Tang Trixie Tang's father, who is a short bald man with glasses. Not much is known about him.
First Appearance: Information Stupor Highway

Latest Appearance: Dadbra-Cadabra

Sanjay's Stepdad Sanjay's step father, a tough looking Marine that lives on an army base and makes his son do physical training early every morning.
First Appearance: Who's Your Daddy?

Latest Appearance: Add-a-Dad

Vicky & Tootie's Mom Vicky and Tootie's mother, who closely resembles her younger daughter but with Vicky's pink pupils. She is extremely fearful of her daughter Vicky, and often caves into her every wish. According to the game Breakin' Da Rules!, her name is Nicky, and in her youth, she behaved a lot like Tootie.
First Appearance: Channel Chasers

Latest Appearance: Oh, Brother!

Vicky & Tootie's Dad Vicky and Tootie's father. He resembles a male version of Vicky, but with green eyes. He is extremely fearful of Vicky, and will do anything she says, including reading from a card that she wrote a lie to say to other parents in case they become suspicious of Vicky.
First Appearance: Channel Chasers

Latest Appearance: Oh, Brother!

Doidle Vicky's pet dog, she treats him much better than she treats any of the children she babysits. Timmy and Doidle switched bodies one episode, where it was revealed that Doidle can think, has a personality, and is just as evil as Vicky.
First Appearance: Dog's Day Afternoon

Latest Appearance Presto Change-O

King Gripullon King Gripullon is Mark Chang's father and the ruler of Yugopotamia. When threatened with conflict, he employs a number of traditional Yugopotamian diplomatic moves such as writing an angry letter, pouting, and bombing the enemy with candy.
First Appearance: Spaced Out
Queen Jipjorrulac Queen Jipjorrulac is Mark Chang's mother and the ruler of Yugopotamia. Both Mark and her husband seem to take advantage of her until she one day meets Poof and uses his cuteness to instill fear on her subjects until Timmy and his fairies rescued Poof.
First Appearance: Spaced Out
Britney Britney Britney Britney is a pop singer who was featured in a celebrity star search magazine when she was just a fetus. She hates being upstaged, and once even became a supervillain called the Platinum Princess to take revenge on Mr. Bickles for stealing her spotlight. She is a parody of Britney Spears.
First Appearance: Cosmo Con

Latest Appearance: One Man Banned (cameo)

Eddie the Furry Gerbil Eddie is Timmy Turner's pet gerbil who died when he was left in Timmy's parents' care while he was away at summer camp. Eddie was resurrected accidentally by one of Timmy's wishes. He also appeared alive in a few prior episodes.
First Appearance: Chin Up

Latest Appearance: Timmy's Secret Wish!

Billy Crystal Ball Billy Crystal Ball is the host of the Fairy World show "This is Your Wish". He has also appeared in several other episodes. He is a parody of Billy Crystal.
First Appearance: The Zappys!

Last Appearance Wishology!

Gary Gary is Timmy Turner's imaginary friend from before he met Cosmo and Wanda. Timmy wished for Gary to be real, but Gary ended up trying to get revenge on Timmy for locking him away in his mind for years. Gary appeared again on Unwish Island where he masterminded his fellow unwished wishes in a plot against Timmy Turner.
First Appearance: Imaginary Gary

Last Appearance: Escape From Unwish Island

Dr. Rip Studwell Dr. Rip Studwell is a doctor from Fairy World that Cosmo and Wanda visit often. He helped Cosmo by performing his Fagiggly Gland transplant, as well as helping Cosmo give birth to Poof, although he had no idea what he was doing. He is a caricature of Butch Hartman.
First Appearance: Hard Copy
Shallowgrave Shallowgrave is a man with a missing hand that is replaced with a hook. The hook can transform into a number of different gadgets or weapons. He was a truancy officer at first, before Timmy caused him to get fired. He became a drill instructor at the F.U.N. Academy afterward.
First Appearance: Go Young, West Man!

Last Appearance Tons of Timmys

Blonda Blonda is Wanda's twin sister who is a famous Fairy World television actress. Despite her name, she has blonde hair (dyed). She is a direct parody of Susan Lucci
First Appearance: Blondas Have More Fun!

Latest Appearance: Fairy Idol

Big Daddy Big Daddy is Wanda's father who is in charge of disposing of magical garbage that is created by wishes. He resembles a mobster boss but is actually very kind, although Jorgen still fears him.
First Appearance: Talkin' Trash

Last Appearance: Big Wanda

Fairy Hart Fairy Hart is a news reporter for FNN, a news station for Fairies. She was present to report on the birth of Poof, as well as Foop's assault on Fairy World and subsequent imprisonment. She is a parody of Mary Hart.
First Appearance: Blondas Have More Fun!

Latest Appearance: Balance of Flour

Nana Boom Boom Nana Boom Boom is a relative of Jorgen Von Strangle that closely resembles him, although she is female. She runs a bakery that specializes in explosive pies.
First Appearance: Balance of Flour

Latest Appearance: Cosmo Rules

Mrs. Powers
Mrs. Powers Mrs. Powers is the school teacher at Spellementary School, a school for young magic beings that both Poof and Foop attend. She is very cheery and constantly praises Poof.
First Appearance: Spellementary School
Mr. Ed Leadly Mr. Leadly is the owner of Pencil Nexus, the company that Mr. Turner works for. He does not like Mr. Turner at all, constantly calls him by the wrong names, and wants to fire him. However, Leadly warms up to Timmy during a "bring your son to work day", and soon appoints Timmy as the vice president of the company... on the condition that he fire his dad. Timmy reluctantly obliges, but soon intentionally makes mistakes to get himself fired by Mr. Leadly and his father rehired again.
First Appearance: The Boss Of Me

Latest Appearance: A Fairly Odd Summer

One time characters

These are characters that have only appeared in one episode, but were important characters in their lone appearance. Some of them have also appeared in other episodes in background shots.

This is a very long list. click on the show button to bring it up.

Minor characters

These are characters that have only appeared in a few episodes, usually as bit characters, and have little effect on the story.

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Alternate forms

Several alternate forms have appeared of the characters, usually as a direct result of wishing.

Jimmy Neutron Crossover

Picture Name Description
Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron
First Appearance: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Cindy Vortex Cindy Vortex
First Appearance: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Carl2D Carl Wheezer
First Appearance: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Planet Sheen 9240 Sheen Estevez
First Appearance: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Libby Libby Folfax
First Appearance: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Professor Calamitous Professor Finbarr Calamitous
First Appearance: When Nerds Collide!
Not Shirley (Fairly Oddparents Version) (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3) Shirley
First Appearance: The Jerkinators!

Crash Nebula

Main article: Crash Nebula

These are one-time characters that appeared in the show-within-a-show spin-off, "Crash Nebula", which was broadcast as part of Season 5. However, the spin-off was never picked up as a series by Nickelodeon, and none of these characters have appeared since.

Picture Name Description
Sprig Speevak Sprig was just a normal earthling until one day he was sent to the "Celestial Academy". There, he must survive space school, earn the crash suit, and become: "Crash Nebula; Space Hero"!
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Sprout Speevak Sprig's annoying, bratty sister. Like most siblings, she and Sprig tend to get into fights.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Ma Speevak
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Pa Speevak
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Chuck Another alien Sprig met in the Celestial Academy, Chuck's a turkey, but he's not just any turkey. Upset him, and he'll get his missiles out. So don't mess with Chuck... especially about treating turkeys in a "harmful" way.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Dif An alien that Sprig met in the Celestial Academy, he's just one big blob with a big heart. He immediately became friends with Sprig.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Ani A girl from an anti-matter universe. At first, she didn't like Sprig. After he saved her life, she begins to warm up to him. Ving claims that she's his soon-to-be girlfriend, but Ani wouldn't date him even if he were the last guy in the universe.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Ving The big, bad bully at the Celestial Academy, he became Sprig's enemy right away. Ving wears a black cape & has pointed ears, making him look like a vampire. Ving's jealous of Sprig because he saved Princess Galaxandra and became her favorite student. Ving has the power to turn into a huge giant and do some massive damage.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Rockwell He, Felos, and Ving are the destructive trio. Rockwell's the strong one, but his weakness is his brain, and he has no ears.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Felos One of Ving's pals. He's a big blue cat with black stripes, and huge claws. He can give you quite a scratch with those claws, but he's easily distracted. So if you're Felos's enemy, be sure to have a ball of yarn handy.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Princess Galaxandra The Headmistress of the Celestial Academy. Sprig saved her life when she was being chased by little buglike androids (bugdroids). She shows her gratitude by having Sprig enroll in the Celestial Academy. She sees true greatness in Sprig.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Brock Rocket Brock Rocket is a science fiction superhero that Sprig Speevak admires, similar to how Timmy Turner admires Crash Nebula.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula
Pam Dromeda The toughest teacher in the Space Celestial Academy. She teaches Galactic Defense 101. Princess Galaxandra assigned her to tutor Sprig on the Nebula 5 Battle Suit.
First Appearance: Crash Nebula

Live action

The tenth year anniversary special "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!" are played by live action characters. Thirteen years have passed since the main series, and everyone but Timmy Turner has grown up.

Picture Name Description
Live-Action Timmy at Breakfast
Timmy Turner
(Age 23)
Timmy Turner is the central character of the live action film, the plot revolving around his refusal to grow up and let go of his fairy godparents. He still lives with his parents, attends Crocker's fifth grade class, has never kissed a girl outside of a dare, and rides a children's bicycle to school. Timmy's scheme to keep his fairies is jeopardized when Tootie returns to town with a makeover, and Timmy begins to fall in love with her, thereby making him an adult and threatening to cause him to lose his fairies for good.
Played by: Drake Bell
Live-Action Tootie 2
(Age 23)
Tootie is no longer a gawky little girl with pig-tails and braces, but a beautiful grown woman. Tootie loves nature, animals, and her livelihood involves environmentalism. Despite her maturity, Tootie's love for Timmy still burns passionately inside, and bits of her old personality escape whenever she is around Timmy.
Played by: Daniella Monet
Cosmo Cosmo is still the same old Cosmo after thirteen years, dimwitted but lovable. He does not want Timmy to fall in love with Tootie because he knows it means he'll have to separate from his godchild and best friend forever. At one point in the movie, Cosmo turns into a human-form (played in live action) in order to disrupt Timmy and Tootie's date.
Played by: Daran Norris (CGI); Jason Alexander (human disguise)
Wanda Wanda, like Cosmo, does not want to be separated with her godchild, and works to disrupt Timmy and Tootie's relationship before it can progress to the point of true love. At one point in the movie, she and Cosmo turn into human human waiters (played in live action) in order to disrupt Timmy and Tootie's date.
Played by: Susanne Blakeslee (CGI); Cheryl Hines (human disguise)
Poof Poof is Cosmo and Wanda's son. He was wished into existence by Timmy. After thirteen years, Poof is still a baby, likely because of the slowed aging process of fairies. Timmy is trying to get Poof to say his first word during the course of the movie.
Played by: Tara Strong; Randy Jackson (speaking)
Mr. Crocker Denzel Crocker is still Timmy Turner's fifth grade teacher, and is still as suspicious as ever about Timmy's fairies. He is convinced that Timmy is staying in his class as a way to keep his fairies. Until Hugh J. Magnate arrived however, Crocker did not have the funding or means to prove it.
Played by: David Lewis
Hugh J. Magnate Jr. Hugh J. Magnate Jr. is the main villain of the movie. He is an oil tycoon who wants to turn the decrepit Dimmsdale Park into a hotel oil well. Magnate appears to have issues with his father which may have caused him to be so hostile towards children and nature.
Played by: Steven Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Turner Timmy's parents want to sell their house and take a vacation around the world, but Timmy's refusal to grow up has put a damper on their plans.
Played by: Daran Norris and Teryl Rothery
Chester and A.J. In the years that have passed, the friendship between Timmy and his two best human friends appear to have drifted apart because of his refusal to grow up while they went on to pursue their adult careers. A.J. is now a scientist and Chester is now a security expert.
Played by: Chris Anderson and Jesse Reid
(Age 29)
Vicky is nearly in her thirties, but is still as mean as she was as a teenager. She runs a day care center.
Played by: Devon Weigel
Janice Janice is Magnate's assistant.
Played by: Christie Laing
Howie, Katie, Mouse, and Ravi Howie, Katie, Mouse, and Ravi are four of Timmy's classmates in the future depicted in the film.
Played by: Darien Provost, Olivia Steele-Falconer, Diego Martinez, and [[Qayam Devji]

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