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This list contains all the pain in The Fairly OddParents for the character Cosmo.

Season 0

Season 1

  • Power Mad- He gets hit by carrots.
  • Transparents-
    • He sits on his crown.
    • He forgets to breath.
    • He his Timmy's bedroom door.
  • Father Time!- He gets burned by Timmy's heat vision.
  • Apartnership-
    • He gets attacked by a cat.
    • He gets pounded into Mama Cosma's floor.
  • Dog's Day Afternoon- He gets choked by Wanda.
  • Dream Goat- He gets squeezed by a sea monster.
  • The Same Game-
    • He gets choked by Jorgen.
    • He blows up.
    • He gets hit in the head by a cinder block.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

  • Squirrely Puffs -
    • He gets hit by peanuts.
    • He eats those peanuts which causes an allergic reaction.
    • He and Wanda get eaten 2 times.
  • Micecapades - He gets hit in the head with a frying pan.
  • Formula For Disaster -
    • The stinky diaper blows up in his face.
    • He gets strangled by Poof in robot form.
    • He get thrown by Poof.
  • Super Zero - He hits clotheslines
  • Frenemy Mine - He gets multiple piercings. (pain not shown, but implied)
  • Double-Oh Schnozmo! - He gets hit in the face with Poof when he and Timmy play volleyball with Poof as a ball.
  • Planet Poof - When he is in the vacuum many thing get sucked in that hurt him.
  • He Poofs He Scores - He kills a spider, but gets venom in his eye.
  • Teacher's Pet - He along with Poof, Timmy, and Wanda get hit by magic that reflected of Mr. Cocker's Armadillo shell and they hit a tree.
  • Beach Blanket Bozos - He gets attacked by the sea monster.
  • Poltergeeks -
    • He along with Wanda and Poof get stuffed in the ghost catching box multiple times.
    • He gets hit by the knuckle sandwich
  • Take and Fake -
    • Mr. Crocker pulls on his wing.
    • He and Wanda get hit in the face with fake lightning bolts.
  • Lights Out - He and Wanda get the lid put on the pot in one of the attempt to "kill" Timmy.

Season 8

  • Timmy's Secret Wish! -
    • He gets eaten by a bear.
    • He eats hot meat and burns his mouth
    • During the bee scene, he gets stung by Timmy.
    • Timmy Lasso's up his chair, then Timmy pulls and Cosmo falls to the ground.
    • He gets hit by a giant book.
    • His hair catches fire.
  • When Losers Attack -
    • He gets attacked by a rabid beaver.
    • He gets bitten by the beaver.
    • he gets rabies from the beaver.
  • Meet the OddParents - He gets punch by Wanda in punching glove form.

Season 9

  • Dinklescouts -
    • He along with Wanda and Poof hit Timmy's door.
    • He gets kicked by a rabbit.
  • Terrible Twosome -
    • He gets shocked by lightning.
    • He gets hit by asteroids.
  • Scary GodCouple -
    • He gets attacked by a badger.
    • He gets burned by his veal Parmesan.

Season 10

Certifiable Super Sitter -

  • He is Punched by Punchy into a wall and is Punched by him again in a trash pile.


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