• TooYube is a website where you can put videos on on the Internet.

    TooYube Logo

  • CoolJobs.Wand was a website that Timmy wished for, so his father could magically find a cool job



  • The Stupid Dad's Guide To Teaching His Weak And Defenseless Son Kung Fu! is a book in the episode Kung Timmy on how to do kung fu.

  • Dumb Grey Kid's Guide to Bullying is a book in the episode Beach Bummed!. It contains steps to bully people on the beach.


  • The Super Scary Boogie Monster Who Lives Under Your Bed and will Totally Eat You When it Gets Dark is a book in the episode Lights Out. It is about a purple boogie monster who bared its fangs at a little kid and totally ate him.


  • Chet Ubetcha's Channel 7 News is the daily news in Dimmsdale.
    7 News

  • Crock Talk was a TV show made by Crocker in the episode Crock Talk.


  • Under the Bed Monthly is a magazine in the episode Hard Copy.

  • Space Wars is another magazine in the episode Hard Copy.


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  • The News Station
  • Crock Talk!
  • TooYube
  • Under the Bed Monthly
  • Darth Vader in Space Wars

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