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Timmy: So, the super scary boogie monster bared its fangs at the little kid and TOTALLY ATE HIM!!! The end. Wasn't that a great story, Poof?

Cosmo: [talking about the scary story Timmy read to Poof] Aaah! That book is terrifying, there are words in it!

Tootie: Hi, Timmy! It's Tootie. [creepily] It's dark and scary out, JUST LIKE MY LOVE FOR YOU.

Cosmo: Ahhh! My retinas!

Timmy: Mr. Crocker, what are you doing?
Denzel Crocker: I figured it was you who plunged Dimmsdale into complete darkness. So I hoped into the Crocker Copter to find you and say F!! Thanks to the nuclear reactor I built in the basement, all my F's now glow in the dark. Of course, so does mother
Dolores-Day Crocker: (glowing in the dark, swiping away something) Dooh! Get away, you stupid moth!

Mr. Turner: And I picked a bad time to smear my naked body in cat food.
Timmy: ...Dad's naked?...

Denzel Crocker: I picked a bad day to wear my pork chop underpants.
Timmy: ...You're wearing pork chop underpants?...

Mr. Crocker: I had to get those tigers surgically removed from my underwear. I don't know which was worse--the tiger attack or the passionate mouth-to-mouth from mother...

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