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Leprechauns are magical beings from Irish folklore.


A Leprechaun appeared in The Big Bash, giving Timmy and his godparents his pot of gold, which is one the items on Cupid's scavenger hunt list. After that, he read aloud Cosmo & Juandissimo's bet, which angered Wanda. Later, when Timmy, Remy, and their fairies got angry at Cupid, the three fairies poofed up the Leprechaun and other things they took stuff from, which immediately started to chase away Cupid. Then Wanda, still angry at her husband and Juandissimo, poofed up the chasers, which then proceeded to chase away the two. A trio of Leprechauns called the McRough Clan threaten Cosmo and his family after he steals their pot of gold. Some other younger leprechauns also attend Spellementary School along with Poof and Foop.

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