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Leprechanuka is a holiday that is celebrated by Leprechauns in the episode Crocker of Gold. The Great Potato is the mascot of this holiday.


According to Cosmo, on Leprechanuka, the Great Potato will rise out of the four leaf clover fields with chocolate coins and potato dreidel for everyone. Then, the Great potato will look in the mirror to see if he's the fairest potato of them all. If he isn't, he'll give the hotter-looking potato a poison apple.

Also, boiling people on Leprechanuka is not a good thing to do, as the Great Potato will probably zap you with his green eye beams. Leprechanuka ends when the last bit of Irish stew drips through the hour glass.


  • Leprechanuka is a cross between St. Patrick's Day and Hanukkah.
  • The Great Potato itself is a pastiche of "The Great Pumpkin" of Charlie Brown fame and Groundhog's Day.
  • The part about the Great Potato looking in a mirror is a reference to the evil Queen of Snow White

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