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Lauren Ledergerber
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Presumably 15
Hair color:       Purple
Eye color:       Teal
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale, California
  Alyssa (best friend)
  Vicky the Babysitter (this episode only)
  Torturing children
Mrs. Ledergerber (mother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Frenemy Mine
Latest Appearance:
  Frenemy Mine
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Lauren Ledergerber is a babysitter that belongs to B.R.A.T., a group of babysitters who torture kids. She was the leader before Vicky took over.


Lauren led the Babysitters Raging Against Twerps, a secret society of babysitters who, much like Vicky, tormented children under the guise of being nice girls.


She is about Vicky's age or younger, and has purple hair and teal eyes. She wears a black shirt, light blue jeans, and black and white shoes. Much like Vicky, she attempts to appear nice in front of parents, but quickly turns evil behind closed doors. She speaks with a valley girl tone like Veronica.


When she first appeared, Lauren and her followers were completely covered in robes. They abducted Vicky, who had accepted help from Timmy Turner, and they considered this a serious enough offense to expel Vicky from their group. According to Vicky, they were the only friends she had. When Lauren's mother enters the room and flips the light switch, the dungeon Vicky was chain in was revealed to really be Lauren's room, which was filled with girl stuff. Lauren's mother seemed quite oblivious to her daughters evil ways, although she did scold her about the torches on the walls.

Eventually, after Vicky regained her cruelty, she took control of the babysitting club from Lauren after she and the other girls became afraid of Vicky again. She and her followers have not appeared in The Fairly OddParents since.


  • Ledergerber is the German meaning of leather tanner (Leder gerben = to tan leather).

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