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Lady Vicky
Lady Vicky
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color:       Red
Eye color:       Pink
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Breakin' Da Rules
Latest Appearance:
  Breakin' Da Rules
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Lady Vicky is an ancestor of Vicky's who first appears in the PC version of The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules.



"She puts the "evil" in "medieval"!"
Cosmo, Breakin' Da Rules



She appears to be a ancestor of Vicky, and has only appeared once through the entirety of the series.


Video games


Timmy about to race Lady Vicky.


  • Her name, "Lady Vicky" may mean that she is higher in the Medieval serfdom system, as only higher class women got the rank "Lady".
  • It is unknown as to if she has a baby-sitting service, although baby-sitting didn't exist in Medieval times.
    • This appears to not be the case, as with Vicky Khan, another one of Vicky's ancestors.

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