Timmy: The knight's short, the wizard is a salesman, the dragon's fake... AND... people are throwing manure at us!
Cosmo: What do you mean "us"?

Sir Finkleburg: (hurts his arm right when he was about to take Excalibur out of the rock) Ow! My arm! My arm that has slain a thousand men!
Jester: A good try! But here is the consolation prize: The Sword In The Stone game [a lady in a princess costume hands Sir Finkleberg the game and turns it on].
Sir Finkleburg: I claim this toy sword as [Sir Finkleberg hurts his hand right when he tries to lift the toy sword up]. Ow!!!

Crowd: All hail King - What was that kid's name again?
Merlin: (coughs) Arthur! (coughs)
Crowd: Arthur!! King Arthur!!

Arthur: (holding Excalibur after Timmy hands it to him) I shall calleth thee... "The Shining Blade of Liebowitz".
Timmy: Uhh, how about Excalibur?
Arthur: That works too.

(As they are being roasted by the dragon)
Mom: This is so realistic!
Dad: I know! It actually looks and feels like I'm getting third degree burns. Ow! I mean... Neat!

Dad: Ow! The blisters! I mean, neat! The blisters!
Arthur: (rather loudly and dramatically) Have at thee, Fire Demon!
(Arthur races in to fight the dragon)
Timmy: Arthur's gonna kick that dragon's--
Arthur: (gets thrown out of the cave as a skeleton)
Timmy: Uh... guys?
Wanda: Well, we can take a crack at it.
(Cosmo and Wanda use their magic to restore Arthur to normal)
Arthur: I can breathe! I can fight!!!
(Arthur then goes back into the cave to fight the Dragon. This time the Dragon gets thrown out of the cave as a skeleton)

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