King Greg
King Greg
Gender: Male
Species: Merman
Hair color:       white
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Something's Fishy!
Voiced by:
S. Scott Bullock

King Greg is the King of Atlantis, which was sank beneath the sea by Cosmo many years ago.



He is a slightly fat merman with white hair and beard, golden handcuffs and earrings and a green tail. He is able to slide on land with his tail.


Calling Cosmo the "Accursed One", he sentences Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda to be eaten by a Kraken unless Timmy can prove why sinking them was a good thing, as life underwater is better than living on land.

He is eventually convinced when Timmy shows him the movie "Wet Willie", where the movie quality and consession prices scare him and send him and his Krakens fleeing back to the sea. In the end he pardons Cosmo, but a giant squid summoned by Timmy earlier in the episode attacks Atlantis and he brands Timmy as the new "Accursed One".


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