Kidney Land
Kidney Land
City: Vicky's Kidney
World: Vicky's Body
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Tiny Timmy!
Last Appearance:
  Tiny Timmy

Kidney Land, as seen in Tiny Timmy, is an amusement park in Vicky's body. The host of the park is Walt Kidney, and the mascot is Tinklebell. The only ride we get to see is a roller coaster.


After Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda shrunk down for Timmy's science project, Cosmo and Wanda accidentally got eaten by Vicky, and ended up on a tour through Vicky's body. They eventually ended up here.


  • Kidney Land is a parody of Disneyland. The two people who are shown working there are also Disney parodies.
    • Walt Kidney is a parody of Walt Disney
    • Tinklebell is a parody of Tinkerbell.


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