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  • Juandissimo serves as an antagonist in the PC version of Breakin' Da Rules.
  • Due to his appearance in the Fairy Idol movie, it is was speculated that he was no longer Remy Buxaplenty's fairy godparent. However, this is proven wrong in "Teacher's Pet", where it indicates that he still is, although Remy himself has not made an appearance since "Operation F.U.N.".
  • Despite his flaws, he has been a very loving and loyal godparent for Remy. He has not only granted all of his wishes without any guilt (such as, surprisingly, allowed Remy to nearly kill Wanda), but has even gone as far as breaking the rules for him, and even looks after him (disguised as a turtle) when Remy had lost him and his memory of him.
  • He is somewhat simliar to Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour, both antagonists, Hispanic, manipulative, and very conceited.
  • While "Teacher's Pet" proves that Juandissimo remains being Remy's fairy godfather, in "Stupid Cupid", he appears living alone in a house in Fairy World.
  • He is one of the few fairies whose eye color is not the same as his hair color.
  • He has his own copy of Da Rules named El Rules.
  • He is somewhat simliar to Javier from Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil since they both have Spanish accents.
  • Juandissimo Magnifico and his attempt of love for Wanda Fairywinkle, is similar to Artie Ziff and his attempt of love for Marge Simpson from The Simpsons, which Butch Hartman himself is fan of that show.
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