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  • (to Cupid) "Why don't you try a salad for once? Caramel makes you irritable."
  • (to Wanda) "Wanda, my sweet I have missed you as the sun misses the dawn!"
  • Timmy Turner: "Dude, I know I'm happier than you. And I've got better godparents!"
Juandissimo: (angrily) "We shall see about that, little monkey! Call it!"
  • (to Wanda) "You are as beautiful as your husband is wimpy!"
  • Cosmo: "Hey, you're that guy I hate!"
Timmy Turner: "That Wanda used to date?"
Wanda: "Who didn't rate?"
Juandissimo: "But I'm so great!"
  • I so enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. It turns Juandissimo into... two dissimos.
"Hey! You're that guy that I hate!"
— Cosmo
"That Wanda used to date?"
— Timmy
"Who didn't rate?"
— Wanda
"But I'm so great!"
— Juandissimo
Juandissimo Magnifico

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