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John Fountain
Personal Information
Occupation Storyboard Artist
Years active 2000-2001

John Fountain was a storyboard artist/storyboard co-artist for 13 episodes. His first episode was "Father Time!" His first episode where he was the only storyboard artist was "Dream Goat!". His last episode was "Abra-Catastrophe!".


Episode Position
Father Time! Storyboard Co-Artist
Apartnership! Storyboard Co-Artist
Dream Goat! Storyboard Artist
Action Packed Storyboard Artist
Smarty Pants Storyboard Artist
Foul Balled Storyboard Co-Artist
Totally Spaced Out Storyboard Co-Artist
Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Storyboard Co-Artist
Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary Storyboard Co-Artist
Information Stupor Highway Storyboard Co-Artist
Scary Godparents Storyboard Co-Artist
Odd, Odd West Storyboard Co-Artist
Abra-Catastrophe! Storyboard Co-Artist

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