Joe Daniello
Personal Information
Born Joseph Daniello
May 30, 1970
West Orange, New Jersey, United States
Occupation Storyboard artist/cleanup
Years active 2001

Joseph "Joe" Daniello was a storyboard artist/cleanup of The Fairly OddParents, working on the show during its first season.


  • Extreme Ghostbusters: Storyboard Clean-up
  • CatDog: Prop Designer, Storyboard Clean-up
  • Invader Zim: Storyboard Revisions/Artist
  • ChalkZone: Storyboard Revisions
  • Free for All: Storyboard artist
  • Game Over: Storyboard artist
  • Ozzy & Drix: Storyboard artist
  • Family Guy: Storyboard artist
  • The X's: Storyboard artist
  • American Dad: Storyboard artist, assistant director, director


Episode Position
The Big Problem!/Power Mad! Storyboard revisions
TransParents Storyboard artist
A Wish Too Far Storyboard revisions
Father Time!/Apartnership! Storyboard revisions
Dog's Day Afternoon Storyboard revisions
Dream Goat Storyboard revisions

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