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  • Mr. Turner screamed like a girl three times in this episode and he screamed in a similar way to how he screamed in Dream Goat.
  • Timmy once again claims that he got his stuff from the internet when his parents inquired where he got stuff he wished for.
  • Apparently any godparent(s) who fails the inspection on Fairy Inspection Day are sent to the Fairy Academy for 1000 years of retraining.
  • In one scene,Wanda poofs up "Muscles", but in that, you can see her breast/pecs.
  • Cosmo and Wanda have apparently went to Egypt, Paris, France, and Pinkleyland.
  • Both this episode and its partner's names have two words that rhyme.
  • The things Timmy wishes for are a rock 'n' roll laser show, a unicorn, a bear in a unicycle, a tank, a castle and a dragon, a team of superheroes, an atomic submarine, Irish dancers, cleaning products, fried chicken, a beauty pageant and the Chinese Olympics Gymnastics Team.


Running Gags

  • Cosmo and Mr. Turner getting excited over a lard sale.
  • Mr. Turner saying, "Why don't I have nice things?".

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