Cosmo: [showing Jorgen vacation slides] And this is us on vacation in Egypt.
Wanda: Cosmo had food poisoning.
Cosmo: And this is us in Paris!
Wanda: Food poisoning.
Cosmo: Fancy food poisoning! And this is me getting food poisoning in Pidneyland!
Jorgen: [destroys the screen] Your puny slide show does not amuse me!
Cosmo: Well, uh, we could just sit here cowering in fear of you.
Jorgen: Ooooh! I'll get my camera! (Jorgen runs off to get his camera)

Cosmo: [showing Jorgen some more slides] And this is us cowering in fear two minutes ago. And this is us cowering in fear thirty seconds ago. And this is us..
Jorgen: Stop! [Jorgen destroys the screen]

Mr. Turner: Go for the DVD player! It's nice!

Timmy: If you really love me, will you give me one chance to prove that you are wrong.
Mr. Turner: Well, OK, one chance. But if you're wrong, it's off to the klink! Which I hear is nice. Why don't I get to go to the nice klink!?

Francis: Uhh... I got this stuff off the internet?
Macinen Brown (Policeman): (branishes a pair of handcuffs) Right.

Mr. Turner: Our son is the Wall 2 Wall Mart shoplifter! [screams like a girl]
Timmy Turner: What?! You really don't think I stole this stuff, did you?
Mr. Turner: [screams like a girl again]
Timmy: That's a yes. But I didn't do it!
Mr. Turner: [screams like a girl again, then faints]
Mrs. Turner: That's it, young man! You know you're not supposed to make your dad scream like a girl three times in one day! When he wakes up, you're in a lot of trouble!
Mrs. Turner: [leaves the room, dragging Mr. Turner by the feet]

Jorgen: It was nice, it was original, don't do it again!!!

Timmy Turner: (pants and the light searched Timmy. Gets in the trash can. The light moves. Speaks to Chester and A.J. on walkie-talkie) Chester, A.J., Come in! Over!
A.J.: (grabs the walkie-talkie) Timmy! Timmy, where are you? We want to help prove your innocence. (looks at Timmy)
Timmy Turner: Thanks, guys. (jumps out of the trash can)
Chester: We'll always to be there for you, Man.
Floyd "Quantumient" Jawsemew (Cop): (turns the searchlight on) Nobody move!
Chester: (points at Timmy) It was HIM!!! (runs away)
A.J.: (points at Timmy) It was HIM!!! (runs away)
Timmy Turner: Thanks, guys, you're the best. (walks away)

Louisana Blinkimen (Policeman): We've captured your son, it's all over now!
Mrs. Turner: But... we only have 1 son.
Mr. Turner: (grabs the photo) And neither of these 2 kids are him?! (puts the photo in the pocket)
Louisana Blinkimen (Policeman): You 2 big kids are in big trouble!
Chester: (points at A.J.) It was him! (runs away, again)
A.J.: (points at Chester) It was him! (runs away, again)
Timmy Turner: Chester and A.J. did a great job of distracting those cops!

Mr. Turner: Where did you get all This stuff?
Timmy: Uh, Internet?
Mr. Turner: And where did you Get the Internet?
Timmy: Um, Uhh, Umm...
Mr. Turner: He's stammering!!!

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