• This is the first appearance of A.J.'s Mom, Mr. Tang and Dolores-Day Crocker. Veronica's Mom is also heard off-screen.
  • This is also the first time Mr. Crocker appears outside Dimmsdale Elermentary School.
  • This episode reveals that Veronica has a crush on Timmy Turner.
  • This episode's title card is animated. This was followed by another episode Old Man and the C-.
  • According to this episode, Mr. Crocker worked at New Baltimore Community College before being fired and replaced for spending school funds on fairy hunting equipment.
    • New Baltimore Community College may be based off of the real life town of New Baltimore, Michigan, where Butch Hartman spent his teenage years.
  • Apparently Trixie likes to personalize her rejections which is why she was going to read the threatening e-mail instead of deleting it (even claiming that deleting it would be rude).
  • When Timmy is surfing the internet, all of the website names he passes end with ".fop". "FOP" is an acronym for Fairly OddParents.
  • There is an online game based on this episode called "Cyberspace Chase."
  • At the school dance, an instrumental version of "My Shiny Teeth and Me" by Chip Skylark can be heard as background music.



Bart Simpson's hair on audience

  • Apple - The computer interfaces shown in the episode homage are that of Mac OS 9.
  • Gorilla City - The idea of a city of intelligent gorillas hidden in Africa comes from the Flash comic books, where such city is named Gorilla City and is the place of origin of the Flash's enemy, Grodd.
  • The Simpsons - One of the people in the audience who was mocking Crocker resembles Bart Simpson, as his hair was visible through the crowd.
  • Nicktoons - The famous Nick-Time Series block and TV channel was listed as one of the websites during the title card.
  • Dora the Explorer - The ending is a reference to the Nick Jr. series Dora the Explorer.

Running Gags

  • Whenever a child is writing a message, a parent knocks on the kid's door and says "_____! I'm both respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as your mother/father by coming in anyway!" and breaks down their child's door with a battering ram.
  • People (including Crocker himself) says that Crocker looks pretty in a dress.
  • People (or in one case animals) think Timmy is a computer virus upon seeing him.


  • When Timmy sends Trixie Tang a threatening email, there is no punishment from authorities. When in real life, a threatening email can result in over a year in prison. It could be possible that the reason why nothing happened was because she didn't read it in email form.
  • Before Timmy saves the image of Crocker in the red dress, the background (in the image) was the computer' screen instead of Crocker' room.
  • When Mr. Crocker accidentally took a picture of himself in a dress, Timmy is in Crocker's computer and takes the image. When he is holding the image, Crocker is posing for the picture (accidentally). But when people receive the photo, he is seen talking, not posing.
  • When Timmy writes to Trixie from Veronica's computer "Do u think Timmy Turner is neat?", Veronica should have seen him writing this (though this may not be the case since Veronica left to go eat dinner for a moment). Even when Trixie replies "Why, do you?" she responds as if she had written the question herself.
  • Why would Cosmo and Wanda put on a Timmy costume together when they can change shape and it only takes one of them to do so?
  • Timmy believes he is in China, when actually he is in Dimmsdale, and he said he got there in a millisecond, he should have still been in his house to get there in a millisecond, and he was actually in Australia before.
  • Trixie's hair in the pictue disappears when Timmy's dad asked what his mother has been feeding him.
  • The download bar on Crocker's computer changes from blue, to black, to green, to black again, and back to blue.
  • When Timmy grabs on to a letter in the chat room, it's the o he's hanging from. When the message is sent, he's holding on to the l in the email.
  • The Turners have a Chinese restaurant three steps away from their house, but it's never shown in any other episode before or after.
  • Timmys version of Windows is comparable to the same Internet the dinosaurs used. This is evident by the boxy icons and it actually announcing that the user has received mail.
  • When Crocker downloads the image, Timmy (on the picture’s) mouth is closed but in the next shot, his mouth is open.

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