• First appearance of Gary.
  • Apparently Timmy considers Vicky an actual monster, but considering her actions against him it makes sense.
  • Gary sounds exactly like Chester when he says "Oh no you don't!". This may be because both are voiced by Jason Marsden.
  • When Gary trips Timmy at the school playground, Timmy gets a large chunk of grass in his mouth. When Timmy spits it out, it turns into a perfect mini-dirt castle.
  • Timmy apparently thought there was a monster in the closet while he still had Gary until he was 6 when he found out the monster was just a sweater.
  • It's revealed that since Gary is technically part of Timmy's imagination, he can make Cosmo and Wanda grant his wishes.


  • Gary Conrad - Gary's name is a possible reference to the director of the episode.
  • Teletubbies - The TVtubbies (one of Gary and Timmy hobbies) appearance is similar to the Teletubbies, also the name is a spoof of them.
  • Operation - The game that Timmy wants to play with everyone "Surgeon General" is similar and parodies Operation. .


  • When Cosmo and Wanda are roped, their hands are still free. But after their ears are plugged with TVtubbies, their hands are trapped.

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