Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Go pie, go!

Trixie Tang: Hi!
Timmy Turner: (looks around confused)
Trixie: No, silly! I said hi to you.
Timmy: Really?
Trixie: Yeah, uh... I know you've had a crush on me and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind...
Timmy: Going steady? Taking you to a dance? Being sweethearts through high school? Going to college together? Getting married? Remaining deeply in love as we grow really old together and spend our golden years traveling the world and extending our lifespan with the advanced technologies that will be available in the future until we eventually crumble into atoms and we're scattered across the cosmos where we'll float together for all eternity?
Trixie: Um... no. Introducing me to your cool new friend!

Gary: [explaining to Timmy what the box Timmy is in is] This is the box you put me in for 5 years!!

Cosmo: Cool! ...I mean 'Meow'... I mean 'Woof'! Yeah, let's go with that!

Vicky: [Sneezes Gary out] I hate cool!
Gary: [Open the emergency door] Hey, the door is open![Laughs manically, but stops himself] Laughing manically.

Gary: [Timmy is hugging him] Public displays of affection... not cool.

Timmy: Gary, Vicky. Vicky, Gary!
Vicky: Twerp!!!!!
Gary: Aah! Not Cool. Aah! No!

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