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Ice Wand
Ice wand
Powered by: Magic
Additional Information
Created by:
  Ancient Fairies
Owned by:
  Polar Bear Guardian
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:

The Ice Wand, which holds the powers of earth and water, is the third and last Wand found in the prophecy at the Cave of Destiny.


It, along with the with the Fire Wand and the Wind Wand will defeat The Darkness once and for all. Its guardian is the Polar Bear Guardian.


Timmy knew about this wand in the Blue Moon of Vegon and found a script that this Wand was hidden in the Earth's Ice. While fighting against the Destructinator, Timmy was hit and fell in the north pole where he found the Polar Bear Guardian. Then he gave the Wand to Timmy and he finally defeated the Darkness.

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