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Humans are the dominant species on Earth. For this reason, they are watched over by the Fairies who reside above in Fairy World (which, depending on the episode, is either in the clouds or an entirely different planet/universe all together). The vast majority of humans do not know or believe in the existence of fairies, but those that do are considered crazy. The only humans that truly know about fairies are godchildren who have been given a fairy godparent because they are miserable, and this child must keep their fairies secret from everyone they know or risk losing them forever.


In The Fairly Oddparents, all the humans are drawn in a similar style. Most of the children are around the same height as Timmy, and they are all drawn with short arms and legs. Some exceptions are the popular kids, such as Trixie and Veronica, who are all significantly taller and have longer legs, making them look older than the other kids despite being the same age. Most girls have long eyelashes, differentiating them from boys. Every human also has a different hairstyle, ranging from curly black hair to neat blonde hair, and everyone wears different clothes; some wear cute little skirts while others just wear a plain shirt and jeans. A majority of the characters have blue eyes, while a few can have green or even brown eyes. Every character has qualities that make them different and unique from everyone else.

Most of the adults tower over the kids, being more than twice the height of them with a few exceptions. The adults' eyes also appear smaller than those of the kids'. Unlike fairies or most non-human creatures, the pupil of a human's eye is not dilated and therefore, cannot be seen.



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