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Hula-Hoo is a song sung by Cosmo in the crossover special, The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour. With Timmy needing a science fair project, Cosmo offers to help by admitting he is great with science, then realizing he means Hula dancing. After Timmy wishes himself to Retroville, Wanda wants to go to Hawaii after seeing Cosmo's dance and Cosmo agrees after comically changing into a lab coat. He also sang it in Momnipresent, in which they get imported coconuts from Hawaii and Timmy was put in a kilt.


Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour version

Hula belly, Hula Belly


Timmy and Cosmo dancing in Momnipresent

Hula belly, Hula-Hoo

Coconutty, Coconutty

Everybody Hula-Hoo!

Momnipresent Version

Hula belly, Hula belly,

Man in skirty Hula-Hoo.....

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