Magnate: "Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, ever since Daddy slapped a shovel in my little hand, I have been looking for fuel to run our everyday lives. And so, when my high-tech thermal satellites detected a massive untapped combustible resource field under the city, I decided to come here to Dummsdale and... see for myself."
Janice: "Dimmsdale."
Magnate: "What?"
Janice: "Dimmsdale."
Magnate: "Well, whatever. Dim, Dumm, what difference does it make? By the time I'm done with the place, you're gonna want to change its name to Stinking-Richdale!"

"May I present... the Magnate Power Oil Well Hotel, to be built on the site of this grotty, stinky, yucky, pokey little park. It will produce 1,000 jigabots of filthy yet reasonably affordable energy and provide decent room service."

"Listen, sister Suzie Saffron Wheatgrass-gulper, whatever your tree-hugging name is, you don't wanna mess around with Hugh J. Magnate Jr. So why don't you just toddle off to your yurt or wherever home is?"

"Talk about humiliation. As we speak, my $4,000 pants are coursing through the digestive tract of a goat! How'd this happen, hmmm? Janice, how did my perfect plan get so un-perfect?!"

"It's true; the only thing that could stop someone like me would have to be magical fairies."

"Imagine the power! I'd wish for all the oil in the world!"

"Mmm. Ironic, isn't it? Someone who cares so much for helpless little creatures was betrayed by a helpless little creature!"

"What? An evil subterranean lair has to be grotesque? An oilman can't attempt to replicate the lost childhood he never enjoyed? A place for his friends, if Daddy ever let him have any, could enjoy just hanging round!"

"Well, look who decided to join the party! Well, I'm the host, and you're not invited! Blast him with a laser!"

"And speaking of fairies, look what their power gave me! [blue fire starts building up in his right hand]. Any last words before I BLAST you out of existence?"

"I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Time's up!"

"No!! It's not fair! Ugh, this is so bogus! Janice! Ugh. Look, even my wish thingy's busted. Here. [he gives her the remote] Why does this have to happen to... [Janice pushes the remote and shocks him] ...meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?! Daddy?"
Hugh J. Magnate Jr.

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