A.J.: I call it the one-hundred and eighty degree, arial flippy-trick.
Chester: Oh yeah, that rolls off the tongue, poindexter. How about we just call it the 'Timmy Tuck'?

A.J.: Timmy better win, or we're not gonna love him anymore.

(after Chester crashes face first to the ground, messing up his brace)
A.J.: Does your dentist buy you tickets to this place?
Chester: Yeah? Why? [braces fall out] Darn it!

Chester: And you'll be the new queen.
Timmy: King.
Chester: Whatever.

A.J.: [referring to Vicky] She's totally cheating! I mean [takes out skating lingo dictionary and then puts it back in his pocket] cheating!

Cosmo: Wow! He fell straight on his face! He must be really good!

Astronaut: Houston, we have another problem. Over.
Houston: It's always problem, problem, problem with you guys! Don't you ever just call to say hi? Over.

Vicky: How come I couldn't do that?
(A chart and easel pop from Chester's braces and AJ then points to the chart with a pointer]
A.J.: Because Timmy's small and nice; you're tall and weighed down with too much evil which threw you off balance.

Cosmo: Learn to skate in difficult environments, you must. [Scene shows Timmy and his godparents being chased by gorillas] BECAUSE SCARED OF GORILLAS AM I!

Timmy: I am not uncoordinated! [trips over a ladybug]

Wanda: Timmy won, Vicky’s in a crater and the kids are free to skate. Pretty good day don’t you think?
Cosmo: I want a hotdog. Is it halftime yet?

Timmy: Oh no, I won. I’m the queen now.
A.J. : King.
Timmy: Right, give me that crown.
Vicky: Oh, you want this crown (takes the crown off and holds it in one of her hands), you got better chances on loser twelve year old wastroid falling from the sky and plowing me into the ground! (Francis drops down from the sky screaming. He then hits Vicky like a meteor which plowed her to the ground.)
Vicky: Here you go. (Vicky hands Timmy the crown)

Vicky: Break a leg, twerp.
Timmy: Thanks, Vicky.
Vicky: No really, I mean, break a leg! (kicks Timmy off ramp)

Timmy: Let my people skate!

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