H.P.: [in a monotone] "Go me. Go me. It's my birthday."

Sanderson: "Want some popcorn?"
H.P.: "It's unsalted and unbuttered, right?"
Sanderson: "And unpopped."

Flappy Bob: "And what's with the floating?"
H.P.: "We have that kind of money."
Sanderson: "Walking is for poor people!"

Sanderson: "Well, H.P., now that Flappy has given us total control over Fairy World, what do you wanna do with it?"
H.P.: "I'm thinking dull and gray."
Sanderson: "I was thinking gray and dull, but that's why you're the boss."

H.P.: "You might have thwarted us this time, Turner. But mark my words, our next thirty-seven year plan will not fail. When you're forty-seven, you'll pay."

H.P.: "Maybe we should try a six week plan next time."

H.P.: "Behold, the money lover's pizza. It's the pizza that pays you back."

H.P.: "And I'm surrounded by pixies who tell me what I wanna hear all day. Watch. [talks into his phone] Who's the greatest?"
A crowd of Sandersons: "You are, sir."
H.P.: "Suck ups."

H.P.: "It's in the fine-print within the fine-print."
Head Pixie

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