Timmy: You've got to stay here and copy something if I need it!
Wanda: Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I'm a secretary. (phone rings, Wanda answers) Timmy Turner's office, please hold. It's Chester, are you in?

Dark Laser: Curses! Flipsie, I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Dark Laser: I have you now! (turns and remembers Flipsie) I mean WE have you now!

(zoom out to reveal Dark Laser has been turned into a poster character, on Timmy's wall)

Wanda: One engine...and a soda, coming right up. (presses wish button, scene changes to Timmy)
Timmy: Hey, half a soda? Half an engine, what gives!?
(scene shows copier's out of toner)
Wanda: Bad news, Timmy. We're out of toner!

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