• Timmy's hair was so extraordinary that it made Timmy walk in slow motion.
    • Timmy, Dad, and the Cheerleaders broke the fourth wall by mentioning the slow motion.
  • When Timmy was (pretend) shaving himself in the beginning of the episode, he bore a slight resemblance to Santa Claus.
  • This is the fifth time we have seen Timmy with a bald head. Another appearance with Timmy bald is in Chip off the Old Chip as a part of the Radioactive Remote running gag.
  • Timmy's hair will later appear in the episode, Timmy's Secret Wish.
  • This episode reveals that Poof's hair is as hard as rock.
  • This is the second and last episode where Tad appears without Chad. The first was Just Desserts!


  • Hairicane - The title is a portmanteau of hair and hurricane.
  • Extreme Makeover - When Cosmo made Timmy's wish, a poof cloud reads "Extreme Makeover Poof!", Then, when Wanda unwished Timmy's wish the poof cloud reads "Extreme Un-Makeover Poof!" which makes a reference to the show.
  • Air Force - The name of the destroying hair force "Hair Force" is a pun on the "Air Force".

Running Gags

  • Characters mentioning their "Hippie Dippie hair."
  • Someone moving in slow-mo with personality.


  • When the fishbowl breaks, the castle suddenly disappears.
  • When Timmy's hair falls on Dimmsdale, Timmy had some hair on his head, but in the scene where he pops out the hair, he is bald.
  • At the scene where Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof are in the bathroom, Poof looks smaller in size than he normally does.
  • In the scene at Baby Barbers, the barber reads Chapter 1 of a fairy baby haircut book. However, the page he is on is halfway through the book, despite it would be around page 7 (2-7 being the title again, etc.)
  • When Mr. Turner appears from the garage, the garage appears standalone, with the sky and no house visible to the right, as the sky on the left has the same color as the right-hand side of the garage.

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