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(After Tad and Chad cut in line)
Timmy Turner: Forget it, we were here first!
Tad: Co-president Chad, do you hear some non-student body-president talking?
Chad: No, I don't co-president Tad, but I do know this: student-body presidents get first in line previliges.
Timmy: Well yeah? What about me, the common student, what do I get?
(Timmy is launched by a secret trap door into the trashcan)

Wanda: It's not over until the fat lady votes!
Cosmo: The principal can vote?

Trixie Tang: Wow, you're .001% more of a person in my eyes now, Timmy.

Cosmo: You'll have to win the old fashioned way -- BUY YOUR WAY IN!

Cosmo: We can drive your election -- right into the ground.

Principal Waxelplax: (about why she is the only one at the school aside from Timmy) I'm frosting intolerant!

Cosmo: You'll have to do something bad to be impeached! I'll get the monkey!

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