Grass Skirt Girl
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Luau Entertainer
  Luaus, Dancing Hula, Juggling Sticks on Fire
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Beach Blanket Bozos
Latest Appearance:
  Beach Blanket Bozos
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

The Grass Skirt Girl is a Hawaiian girl who Timmy Turner had a crush on during his visit to Hawaii.


When the Turners traveled to Hawaii, she gave Timmy a flower necklace and he quickly fell in love with her. He tried to go to a Luau to hang out with her, but the Hawaiians would not let him in as the Luau was exclusive for skilled surfers families, and Mom and Dad are horrible surfers. That night in the Luau, she was juggling with flaming sticks, and Timmy wanted to hang out with her and "crack it up", so Cosmo poofed up the Cracken which scared away all the guests at the luau, and mauled Cosmo. She is notably older than Timmy.


She has long black hair and dark tan skin, and has blue eyes. She wears a lei around her neck, a grass skirt, and a flower in her hair.


  • She was credited as Grass Skirt Girl in the ending credits.
  • Her flower on her head looks like the flower-shaped underwater clouds from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Her hairstyle is very similar to Paulina of Danny Phantom.
Grass Skirt Girl

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