Gladys Vladislapov
Grandma Gladys (left) and Grandpa Vlad (right)
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Turner family
  Co-owner of Yak in the Box
Grandpa Vlad (husband)
Mrs. Turner (daughter) and Unnamed son
Timmy Turner (grandson)
Tammy Turner (future great granddaughter)
Tommy Turner (future great grandson)
Mr. Turner (son-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip
Latest Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Gladys Vladislapov is Timmy Turner's maternal and only known grandmother. She was first introduced in the episode, Timmy Turnip.


Grandma Gladys first came to America with her husband Vlad to start up a restaurant called Yak in the Box in Dimmsdale, which sold Yak meat and became very successful people. She is from a small eastern European country called Ustinkistan. She hates her son-in-law, Mr. Turner, and gives him "gifts" that are actually sacks full of vicious weasels.


Her appearance greatly resembles her daughter, Mrs. Turner's, except for her gray hair, wrinkles, and cracked teeth. She speaks with a heavy accent when in Ustinkistan and during Yaksgiving, but her normal sound voice is a rich snooty accent. When not in her customary Yaksgiving clothing, she wears a white track suit with pink lacing.


Grandma Gladys left Ustinkistan with her husband fifty years in the past when they were convinced to do so by an "escaped mental patient" (actually a time travelling Timmy Turner), although presumably she would have done so eventually anyways as she ended up in America before Timmy Turner could travel back in time or was even born. She started up Yak in the Box, a fast food yak meat serving restaurant that became highly successful, and she and her husband are actually extremely rich.

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