Good Luck Charms
Uses: Warding off Anti-Fairies and Bad Luck
Additional Information
Owned by:
  Mr. Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  That Old Black Magic

Good Luck Charms objects that prevent bad luck, making them effective against Anti-Fairies.


When held or worn, these good luck charms prevent Anti-Fairies from causing bad luck toward the holder on Friday the 13th. It is unknown if their effect still works on the Anti-Fairies, as several plot points about them were changed in later episodes, and bad luck or good luck charms are never mentioned in conjunction with them again.

List of Good Luck Charms

  • Four leafed clover
  • Horseshoe
  • 8-Ball
  • Dices
  • Color Red
  • Rabbit's feet
  • Fish head
  • Lucky Penny


The good luck charms were featured in the episode "That Old Black Magic", where Mr. Turner produced a suitcase full of them after Timmy Turner stepped on a crack, which "broke his mother's back". Mr. Turner was especially paranoid about bad luck because the day was Friday the 13th. Although unaware of their existence, Mr. Turner was able to ward off the trouble the escaped Anti-Fairies were causing by covering himself in good luck charms, although exactly how effective they were are not known.

In later episodes, Anti-Fairies are generically evil rather than simply mischievous causers of bad luck, so its unknown if good luck charms are effective on them at all.

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