• The name of the episode she appears, "Love Triangle", is a joke with the fact that she is triangular shaped.
  • Her real name is confirmed to be Goldie Goldenglow on a recent Nickelodeon press release. Other prior names (i.e. "Goldie Goldengirl" or "Goldgirl") are mistranslations.
  • She is portrayed by Tara Strong who also voices Timmy and Poof
  • Previously it was stated that fairies are unable to have babies due to what Cosmo did when he was a baby. If Goldie IS a fairy, then this brings up the question of how she could exist. Possible reasons for her existence include:
    • She is only half-fairy, thus making her existence as a younger baby possible.
    • The ban on fairy babies was lifted after Poof was born, but nothing has been stated in the show as saying so.
    • She is not a fairy at all, making the rule not apply to her.
Goldie Goldenglow

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