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Godchildren are miserable human kids that have been deemed unhappy enough to receive fairy godparents. They keep their fairies until they are no longer miserable, or if they lose them due to a major violation of Da Rules, such as allowing their fairy to be revealed.

Known godchildren

Former godchildren

  • Winston - Jorgen von Strangle's godchild in the episode The Zappys, only one appearance
  • Denzel Crocker - lost his fairies Cosmo and Wanda when Timmy Turner went back in time and accidentally revealed them
  • Tootie - was loaned Cosmo and Wanda for her birthday
  • Chester McBadbat - received Norm the Genie as a godparent during Fairy Idol
  • Tina Turner - lost her godparents Cosmo and Wanda when she grew up
  • Bill Gates - lost his godparents Cosmo and Wanda between 1970 and early 1972, when he was still a kid
  • Walt Disney - lost his godparents Cosmo and Wanda when he grew up
  • Sammy - Former godchild of Cosmo and Wanda . However, he was one of their worst godchildren, as he wished for tornadoes to always strike mobile homes (or as he puts them "metal houses"). Cosmo and Wanda were taken away from him because of this and his picture is in the Hall of Infamy.
  • Pierre - Another godchild of Cosmo and Wanda. He is French, and in fact he was the one who wished all French people would be extremely rude to Americans and caused a war. This is way he lost Cosmo and Wanda and why his picture is in the Hall of Infamy.
  • Maryann - Arguably one of the most dangerous of Cosmo and Wanda's former godchildren. Somehow, she managed to use their magic to cause the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand and that led to World War I. It is against the rules to use magic to kill someone, however it's possible that she was the reason the rule had to be implemented, or she indirectly manipulated it to cause the Archduke to be killed. Whatever the case, she clearly had planned to do it which is why she lost Cosmo and Wanda and why her picture is in the Hall of Infamy.
  • Joshua Applebee - Another dangerous godchild (although not one of Cosmo's and Wanda's)). In 1986, he made a secret wish for Chuckles The Fairy Eating Cockatiel according to the episode Timmy's Secret Wish.
  • Elmer - Only in Elmerella, when Timmy Turner wishes to be Elmer's gender-swapped fairy godmother (Timeena) to help Elmer get a date to the school dance.

Gallery of Godchildren

Cosmo Cosma and Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma


Blonda Fairywinkle

Timeena (Timmy Turner)

Juandissimo Magnifico





Jorgen Von Strangle and Tooth Fairy

Norm the Genie


Other Fairies

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