• Mr. Crocker has an Uncle Albert who is locked in a mental hospital in Canada.
  • This episode is featured as one of two bonus episodes in the DVD version of Scary GodParents (DVD and VHS).
  • Timothy T. Turner has the same initials as Timmy Turner.
  • This is the first appearance of Fairy Mason.
  • Genies, like Norm have been known to be very tricky with wishes such as how tricked Timmy with all of his wishes, but when Timmy wishes for a lawyer, Norm poofs up Fairy Mason (a lawyer who knows and hates Norm). Ironically meaning that possibly only a lawyer can "outjerk" a genie.
  • This episode originally aired with Back to the Norm.
  • Things that Norm says he can't escape from: Magic lamps, the charms of Barbara Eden, and anything made of Smoof.
  • The rule about godparents not granting breakfast-related wishes after 10:30 could be reference to how the fast food industry--most fast food restaurants in America stop serving breakfast at around 10:30 (although some places do have all-day breakfast menus).


  • Genie Meanie Minie Mo - The title is a reference to the children's nursery rhyme, Eeny Meeny Miny Moe.
  • Norm MacDonald - Norm the Genie is named after his voice actor, Norm MacDonald.
  • McDonalds - Wanda and Cosmo not granting breakfast wishes after 10:30 is a reference to McDonalds and other restaurants having such strict rules.
  • I Dream of Jeannie - One of the things Norm cannot escape is the charms of Barbara Eden. Coincidentally, Eden played Jeannie in the series and she was a genie like Norm.
  • Uncle Albert - The name "Uncle Albert" could be a reference to several films and songs having these name, like Mary Poppins.
    • Also, Uncle Albert could be a reference to the Canadian province, Alberta.
  • Aladdin - Norm being summoned from the lava lamp by Timmy is a reference to the Genie or Jafar being summoned from the lamp by Aladdin.
  • Perry Mason - The fairy Timmy wished "Fairy Mason" is an obvious parody of Perry Mason.


  • Norm says that he can't escape from anything made out of Smoof but he escapes when he says he'll give Timmy 3 more wishes.
  • When Norm spat out the tacks and the bees, he spat them at Timmy. Although Timmy, was covering his head, he should have at least got some injuries since the tacks and the bee stingers were sharp.

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