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Timmy: [to Mr. Burkenbakke] Mr. Burkenbakke? What are you doing with this garage sale? There's no garage.
Mr. Burkenbakke: Of course not. I'm a teacher. I can't afford a garage. It's a "I Don't Have a Garage" garage sale. I don't make "Crocker" money.
Timmy: [reading a sign] Make Smoof, Not War? What's "smoof"?
Mr. Burkenbakke: Only the most naturally recurring material on Earth, little dude.
Timmy: How come I've never heard of it?
Mr. Burkenbakke: Because, "the man" doesn't want you to.

Norm: [appears after Timmy rubs his lamp] Whoa, man! That was some party. Hey! This isn't Marlo's house; and these aren't my pants.
Timmy: Hey, you're a genie!
Norm: Well, I guess we can cut brains off the wish list. Okay, kid here's the deal: I am Norm. I'm a magical genie, and- [Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda walk away] -hey! Wait up![poofs back in front of Timmy] What's the big ten-year old hurry? What, are you late for a wedgie? Don't ya get it, for freeing me from the lamp, you get three wishes so- [Timmy and his fairies walk away again; and Norm poofs back up in front of Timmy] Hey! Smoof for brains! What part of three wishes do you not understand?
Wanda: Timmy doesn't need you. He has fairy godparents. [Cosmo and Wanda's hair gets tangled]
Cosmo: The swirl is dangerous!
Norm: [chuckling] Fairy Godparents? [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, they're useful.

Timmy: [in front of Trixie Tang's house] Time to get what I've always wanted; Trixie Tang's love.
Wanda: Timmy, this is going to end badly.
Timmy: I'll just be more specific: I wish Trixie Tang loved Timmy Turner.
Norm: Whatever you say. [puts wish in action]
Trixie Tang: [lovestruck] I love Timmy Turner. I love Timmy Turner.
Timmy: Excellent! [a boy walks up to Trixie] Not excellent! Who's that?
Norm: That? That's Timmy J. Turner, of Penouscha, Wisconsin. [Trixie kisses the boy, and he faints, awestruck; as Trixie floats another boy] That's Timmy K. Turner, El Sadungo, California. [Trixie kisses the boy and he also faints; as Trixie then floats to a old man] Timothy T. Turner, of Plattsburgh, Georgia...
Timothy T. Turner: [Trixie gives him a peck kiss of affection] Oh-ho, you are sweet!
Norm: You know what they all have in common? They're all smarter than you! [laughs] You think this is fun? I think so.
Timmy: You're going back in the lamp.

Timmy: [to Norm] You tricked me!
Norm: How could I trick you? I mean, you're ten years old and I'm fifty thousand. And with those teeth. I mean look at the size of those things! Hey, there's something you could've wished for: human-sized teeth.

Norm: [trapped inside a vacuum] I can't get out! Darn it! This bag is made out of smoof, isn't it? There are three things I can't escape from: magic lamps, the charms of barbed reading, and smoof stuff!

Police Guard: [handing Uncle Albert a package] Package, Uncle Albert.
Uncle Albert: Splendid! Put it by the other ones, eh? [sets down Norm's lava lamp] Ah, another lamp for my collection. I can't wait to rub it... [Norm smirks triumphantly] soon as they let me out of this straightjacket!
Police Guard: [to another guard] Poor sap. He thinks genies really exist.
Guard: Loony, eh?
Uncle Albert: Ah-hahahaha! GENIES! [The door to Albert's cell slams shut. Albert peeks out as the episode irises in on him and the ending title card shows]
Norm: [in defeat] Aw, smoof!

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