Franco the Butcher
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Personal Information
  owner of his restaurant, butcher
  Fairy World
  The Fairywinkle family
  Running Frankie's Steak House
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Big Wanda
Latest Appearance:
  Big Wanda

Franco the Butcher is a friend of Wanda's Uncles.


He wears a butcher's cap under his crown and grey, meat stained apron over his all white shirt and pants. He also wears a purple bow tie.

There is a number of scars on his bald head.


To thank her for the changes that Wanda made in the business, her uncles thew her a party at Franco's Restaurant. Cosmo and Timmy mistakenly believed that the Uncles hired Franco to kill Wanda, so they burst into the restaurant in the middle of the party. Franco is a very good cook, but his prices are too expensive.

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