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Francis: "Well, Mr. Crocker, for Show and Tell, I bring my dog, Mange. This is what he eats, First Graders. They keep his pelt shiny."

"Huhuhuh, having this much fun should be against the law, which I always break so I don't care."

Francis: [to Timmy] "You gonna let a little girl fight your battles for you, Turner?"
Timmy Turner: "Uhh... Only if she wins!

"Turner? Is it beating time already!?"

"Time for your daily dose of Vitamin Fist"

(About goldfish Cosmo and Wanda) "After I win 'em, I'm going to eat 'em, then kill 'em!

"Can we pick this up? I've got two beatings, three bludgeonings, and an intimidation this morning... and I don't want to be late for lunch. I'm having fish."

Francis: "Okay, Turner, can you guess what's behind my back?"
Timmy: "A hug?"
Francis: "Wrong! Wait, wha... a fist!"

Francis: [cleaning a litterbox] "I hate cleaning the litterbox. [You Doo magic forces him face-first into the box] Aah! There's nothing deodorizing about these crystals!"

[Crying] "We love you, Britney Britney!!!!"

[Timmy gives Francis a can of shave cream and a shaver] "Hey! This is gonna be fun!" [Goes to shave, but gets cut with the shaver's razors and screams in pain] "Aaaaaah!"

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